Command Line/Terminal Basics 2: Directories

In this video we’ll look at how to use folders, known as directories when on the command line. We’ll learn to navigate around the directory tree, create and remove directories, and recap on listing contents.

Command Line/Terminal basics 1: Getting started and finding how commands work with ‘man’

After a request from a friend, I’m going to try and do a series of videos on the command line/terminal for beginners. In this first video, we fire up the terminal, discover a bit about directories and commands, and learn how to find out what commands do and how they work using the “man” (manual page) command.

This is a tiny bit longer than the 5 minutes I aim for with Press Ups, but is still short. And apologies for the few audio issues. I’ll try to fix these for the next one.

WordPress Posts and Pages

Posts and Pages are two different types of content that exist in WordPress. It’s pretty essential to understand the difference if you’re going to use WordPress effectively.   This video explains the difference and shows you how to publish a page.

Your first post

How to make a post on your new WordPress blog or website.

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