Press-Ups Courses

Press Up are posted to the all videos page as I create them, but they are curated here into “courses” to help you work through them in a sensible order.

WordPress Basics

I’m currently re-recording my WordPress basics course. Videos will appear here as I make them. Follow Press Ups on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram

Old courses

These are my older courses archived here for reference and use while I build the new courses.

  • Introduction – if you want to know who I am and what this is all about
  • WordPress First Timer – logging in and making your first post
  • Writing and Managing Posts and Pages – using the post/page list and editor, including some tricks and tips
  • Multimedia – inserting images and videos
  • Organising your site – using categories and tags to organise your posts, plus how to edit menus
  • Setup week (which turned into setup fortnight) – this course runs through a WordPress install, initial settings and configuration, installing themes and plugins, and running software updates