Command Line/Terminal Basics 4: Cats (More or Less)

This video shows you the basic tools for viewing files from the command line: “cat”, “more” and more’s successor “less” (so called because “less is more” – don’t say programmers don’t have a sense of humour!)

Web Browser Dev Tools Part 1: mobile website testing

Did you know that inside your browser is a magical toolbox called “Developer Tools”? Well there is, and it’s full of things that are useful to even non-web-developers.

I’m starting a little series on using developer tools, and starting by showing you how you can use “dev tools” to test your websites on different screen sizes and emulate mobile devices.

Online security: Generating and using passwords with password managers

This week there was a big leak of millions of email address – some with passwords. So I’ve made a 7 minute video that’s really worth watching explaining why you should use a password manager to generate and remember passwords, and how doing so is not just more secure but is actually more convenient as well.

If you want to try a password manager, check out 1Password (my favourite) or LastPass (others are available).

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