MonthFebruary 2015

Auto Updates

A new version of WordPress was released this week. It will have auto-updated your site. This video explains.

Menus – Part 2

This video looks more at WordPress menus and, in particular, creating different menus and assigning them to different theme locations.

Menus – Part 1

Today we look at WordPress Menus. Sometimes called “Navigation menus” or “Nav menus”.  I couldn’t fit it all into one short video, so more about menus tomorrow!


Today we take an in-depth look at how to use tags (there’s another tip for using categories in here too!)

Categories – Part 2

We continue our series on categories and tags with a further look at how to use categories.

Tomorrow we’ll look at tags!

Categories – Part 1

After last weeks’ look at the differences between categories and tags, today we start looking in more depth at how to use categories.

More on categories tomorrow, and more on tags will follow that!

Categories and Tags

This is an introduction to categories and tags where I explain what the difference is between the two and how you might use them to organise content on your site.

Look out for the next two Press Ups where I’ll cover more on how to use categories and tags.


Today we look as excerpts. Excerpts are short pieces of text that describe what a post is about. I’ll explain how and why to use them and how they might appear on your site.

Inserting PDFs and other documents

An overview of how to insert other types of media in WordPress. I specifically look at inserting a PDF as that’s a case that comes up a lot. I also show how you can link an image to the PDF to give a “preview” of the document you’re about to see.


Featured Images

An overview of how to set featured images in WordPress posts and pages, and how they might be used.

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