What’s new in WordPress 4.6

This is a short overview of what’s new in WordPress version 4.6. ┬áThere’s not much, but hopefully a few helpful tips and pointers to help you through the new release.

What’s New In WordPress 4.2 😀

It’s been a while, but I’m back.

Now…all my Press Ups so far are based on WordPress version 4.1.

I’d held off covering the changes in WordPress 4.2 (the current latest version) because there are some new things which don’t quite work as they should, and I was hoping that they would be fixed quickly, but that didn’t happen.

WordPress version 4.3 is now coming out soon though, so it’s time to record the What’s New in Four Dot Two screencast. 5 minutes showing you the changes and new features that have been introduced.

The last one is one of my favourites, so worth watching til the end.

Setup Week: Updates

We take a slight diversion today to look at how you can easily run software updates in WordPress. These are essential for keeping your site secure and working well.

Auto Updates

A new version of WordPress was released this week. It will have auto-updated your site. This video explains.

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