Command Line/Terminal Basics 2: Directories

In this video we’ll look at how to use folders, known as directories when on the command line. We’ll learn to navigate around the directory tree, create and remove directories, and recap on listing contents.

Online security: Generating and using passwords with password managers

This week there was a big leak of millions of email address – some with passwords. So I’ve made a 7 minute video that’s really worth watching explaining why you should use a password manager to generate and remember passwords, and how doing so is not just more secure but is actually more convenient as well.

If you want to try a password manager, check out 1Password (my favourite) or LastPass (others are available).

Inserting PDFs and other documents

An overview of how to insert other types of media in WordPress. I specifically look at inserting a PDF as that’s a case that comes up a lot. I also show how you can┬álink an image to the PDF to give a “preview” of the document you’re about to see.


Featured Images

An overview of how to set featured images in WordPress posts and pages, and how they might be used.

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