Setup Week: Customizer Part 2

After the last Press Up’s whizz through the customizer, today we take a more leisurely and in-depth look at its features and give some more tips.

Setup Week: Customiser Part 1

After a bit of a break we take a whistle-stop tour of the theme customizer. The customizer lets you change theme options with a live preview, and even preview new themes!

Setup Week: Installing and Using Plugins

Plugins are extra modules that you can install to WordPress to make it do new and exciting things (or, in some cases, really quite boring but essential things). This Press Up shows you how to find, install, activate, de-activate and remove plugins in WordPress.

Setup Week: Updates

We take a slight diversion today to look at how you can easily run software updates in WordPress. These are essential for keeping your site secure and working well.

Setup Week: Installing and activating themes

Setup week becomes setup fortnight! We’ll spend another few days looking at installing and configuring your site.

After the dull-fest of the last Press Up, you’re probably chomping at the bit and wanting to do something exciting.┬áHere we look at how to add a new Theme to your WordPress website.

Setup Week: The Final Settings

I’ll be honest, this is pretty dull. But today’s Press Up covers the remaining settings in WordPress for discussion and media. It’s a bit of a whistle-stop tour, and you may be better off reading the help pages. But hopefully this 5-minutes is helpful.

Setup Week: Reading Settings, the Front Page setting, and Permalinks

This week we’re looking at setting up WordPress from scratch. Today we look into the “Front Page Displays” setting a bit more and, as a result, we investigate “Permalinks”

Setup Week: Writing and reading settings

This week we’re looking at setting up WordPress from scratch. Today we continue to move on through the settings looking at reading and writing settings and the confusing “Front page displays” setting.

Setup Week: Basic Settings and the Customizer

This week we’re looking at setting up WordPress from scratch. Now that we have a fresh install of WordPress we start looking at the basic settings and take a very quick look at the customizer.

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