WordPress version 4.4 update and overview of embedding

A quick update on what’s new for users in WordPress version 4.4. To be honest, the answer is “not much”, but it’s an excuse to look at the “oEmbed” feature of WordPress.

Setup Week: The Final Settings

I’ll be honest, this is pretty dull. But today’s Press Up covers the remaining settings in WordPress for discussion and media. It’s a bit of a whistle-stop tour, and you may be better off reading the help pages. But hopefully this 5-minutes is helpful.

Inserting PDFs and other documents

An overview of how to insert other types of media in WordPress. I specifically look at inserting a PDF as that’s a case that comes up a lot. I also show how you can┬álink an image to the PDF to give a “preview” of the document you’re about to see.


Featured Images

An overview of how to set featured images in WordPress posts and pages, and how they might be used.

Image Options: Alignment and Captions

More detail on using alignment and caption options when inserting images/photos in WordPress. (There was a recording issue towards the end – forgive the minor edit!)

Inserting Images

Overview of basic image/photo inserting options. There will be more details of alignment and captions tomorrow!

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