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Awesome command-line example: finding duplicate files (Live!)

Yesterday I used the terminal/command-line command:

ls -R1 | grep '\.jpg' | grep -v "^thumbs.*" | sort | uniq -d

to find some duplicate files.

This (my first!) live-stream is going to break down this command and show you the power of knowing a few simple command-line tools.

Forgive me while I figure out some things in my new “studio”!

Command Line / Terminal Basics 5: Finding new commands

In this video we look at how we can use the “apropos” and “whatis” commands to find out about new commands, and we study “man” pages in a bit more detail

Command Line/Terminal basics 1: Getting started and finding how commands work with ‘man’

After a request from a friend, I’m going to try and do a series of videos on the command line/terminal for beginners. In this first video, we fire up the terminal, discover a bit about directories and commands, and learn how to find out what commands do and how they work using the “man” (manual page) command.

This is a tiny bit longer than the 5 minutes I aim for with Press Ups, but is still short. And apologies for the few audio issues. I’ll try to fix these for the next one.

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