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Command Line / Terminal Basics 5: Finding new commands

In this video we look at how we can use the “apropos” and “whatis” commands to find out about new commands, and we study “man” pages in a bit more detail

Command Line/Terminal Basics 4: Cats (More or Less)

This video shows you the basic tools for viewing files from the command line: “cat”, “more” and more’s successor “less” (so called because “less is more” – don’t say programmers don’t have a sense of humour!)

Command Line/Terminal Basics 2: Directories

In this video we’ll look at how to use folders, known as directories when on the command line. We’ll learn to navigate around the directory tree, create and remove directories, and recap on listing contents.

Command Line/Terminal basics 1: Getting started and finding how commands work with ‘man’

After a request from a friend, I’m going to try and do a series of videos on the command line/terminal for beginners. In this first video, we fire up the terminal, discover a bit about directories and commands, and learn how to find out what commands do and how they work using the “man” (manual page) command.

This is a tiny bit longer than the 5 minutes I aim for with Press Ups, but is still short. And apologies for the few audio issues. I’ll try to fix these for the next one.

Overview of Google Analytics privacy settings for GDPR

You may have had some emails from Google Analytics about new privacy tools. These are intended to help with GDPR compliance. So this video gives some background and shows two simple steps you can take with Google Analytics and WordPress to reduce the data you collect and retain using Google Analytics.


Web Browser Dev Tools Part 3: The Network tab and testing slow pages

I’m back from the Christmas break! Happy new year to you.

In this video I introduce you to the Network tab in dev tools. You can use this to analyse slow-loading pages, locate images that might need to be optimised, see what scripts and styles are being loaded, and, if you’re more advanced, see and analyse the HTTP requests that are being made.

Web Browser Dev Tools Part 2: Inspecting pages

In the second part of my series on using dev tools, I look at how you can dive into your HTML, view it, see how it appears on screen and modify it. You can edit and add classes and hover states (and CSS, but that’s for a later video).

Web Browser Dev Tools Part 1: mobile website testing

Did you know that inside your browser is a magical toolbox called “Developer Tools”? Well there is, and it’s full of things that are useful to even non-web-developers.

I’m starting a little series on using developer tools, and starting by showing you how you can use “dev tools” to test your websites on different screen sizes and emulate mobile devices.

A quick introduction to HTTPS

This topic came up a few times today, so I quickly recorded an overview. This is a beginner’s guide to HTTPS and SSL certificates. I’ll explain what they do, the differences between different sorts of certificates and explain how with a decent host you should be able to get an HTTPS certificate for free with a couple of clicks!

Online security: Generating and using passwords with password managers

This week there was a big leak of millions of email address – some with passwords. So I’ve made a 7 minute video that’s really worth watching explaining why you should use a password manager to generate and remember passwords, and how doing so is not just more secure but is actually more convenient as well.

If you want to try a password manager, check out 1Password (my favourite) or LastPass (others are available).

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